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It seemed inconceivable to me that a rich dark chocolate as delicious as the first Xocai nugget I tasted could live up to its enormous claims as a beneficial health food. I was not only skeptical at first, I was adamant. Absolutely not, there was no way I was going to hawk chocolate at my health care / yoga center, no matter how delicious or even financially lucrative it might be.

But as a yoga teacher, wellness practitioner and educator, I decided to practice what I preach and attempt to maintain a willingness to listen with a beginner’s mind. So I welcomed two distributors to give a presentation to myself and other interested practice members on a Friday night at Harmony.

Two women came with a very informative video from the Xocai company, shared their own experiences as well as additional information, conducted a very active question and answer session and gave us tastings of each type of chocolate along with a beautiful table of chocolate fondue and sliced fruit. The presentation was so well done with such good information that I reconsidered my initial response and decided to try the chocolate for a month while doing my own research to see what my experience and fact finding would turn up. Happily for me, and everyone at Harmony, at the end of that month, last spring, I decided to continue taking the chocolate, daily, in the amounts recommended and to offer it, with no reservations, at Harmony.

So here is some of what I’ve learned about Xocai chocolate:

Xocai products start with unprocessed, sustainably grown, raw cacao, from the Ivory Coast. Cacao is one of the foods with the highest antioxidant ratings on the planet as defined by Brunswick Labs, an independent testing facility. The raw cacao is then cold processed with a patented technology designed to protect and maximize the antioxidant capacity of the cacao along with two other full spectrum antioxidants known to have some of the highest ratings, acai berry and blueberry. This produces the most nutritionally potent, raw, unprocessed cacao product available on the market today. Because these chocolates do not contain refined white sugar (they use low glycemic sweeteners like raw cane and agave instead), gluten, trans fats, milk proteins, or synthetic fillers or flavors, they are easily digestible, absorbable, and bio-available and are vegan and diabetic friendly. Some of the chocolates have added pro-biotics and Super Omegas as well.

In addition:

Antioxidants are nutrients found in darker leafy green vegetables like spinach, kale and broccoli, and fruits like cherries and grapes. They help to neutralize the damage occurring from the production of free radicals that is at the root of so many of the degenerative and dis-ease producing processes that occur in our bodies as we age. The production of these free radical molecules increase with poor diet and stress.

10 Reasons to Eat Healthy Xocai Chocolate – Besides the fact that it is so delicious, there are literally hundreds of studies demonstrating a large variety of potential benefits associated with the consumption of dark chocolate, acai and blueberries. *Research shows:

1. Promotes Cardio vascular Health – Various studies suggest that cacao can have a beneficial effect on the heart and blood vessels by supporting healthy cholesterol levels and by controlling inflammation.

2. Supports Healthy Glucose Levels – The modern diet is a major contributor to the increase of diabetes in developed countries. Scientists have found that properties found in cacao can positively affect glucose levels in the blood.

3. Heightens Mental Function – Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant compounds may help protect and support healthy mental and cognitive functions as well as mood.

4. Xocai Chocolate is Antioxidant Rich – delivering a wide array of antioxidant compounds including epicatechins, flavanols, anthocyanins and more

5. Provides Anti-Aging Benefits – antioxidants are among the nutrients that have been shown to stem the effects of aging

6. Protects the Skin – Researchers have found that cacao’s antioxidants can protecgt the skin from radiation and stimulate blood flow to the skin.

7. Improves Oral Health – Various studies have demonstrated that cacao flavanols can protect the teeth in a variety of ways

8. Boosts Energy – Xocai delivers an array of nutrients the body needs to optimize the production of energy without the help of unhealthy sugars or stimulants

9. Optimizes Mood – Cacao contains several compounds and helps to stimulate the production of others, including seratonin, dopamine, PEA, theobromine and anandamide, to help enhance one’s mood and emotional state.

10. Encourages Proper Weight and Appetite Control – Due in large part to its beneficial mood effects, Xocai chocolate can help control cravings and is linked to healthy weight control.

*This information is adapted from a Xocai associated website called thehealthychocolate.com

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