What is Reiki?
Reiki is a very gentle, deeply relaxing spiritual healing practice that promotes overall balance in the body, mind and spirit. The word Rei – Ki literally translates as Universal Energy. It can be done either as a self-care practice or therapeutically in a clinical or wellness facility. It has been shown to assist the body to more effectively engage and often accelerate its own self-healing mechanisms, support people addressing health challenges, ease the delivery of conventional health care treatments and protocols such as surgery. In clinical studies it has been shown to help to manage anxiety, pain and fatigue, reduce symptoms of depression, hopelessness and perceived stress, decrease levels of stress hormones, improve immune indicators, improve blood pressure and decrease heart rate.

Reiki Healing Session
A Reiki session or treatment typically consists of light touches to a series of areas on the head and torso while the recipient is fully clothed on a treatment table or sitting comfortably supported in a chair. When needed, such as in the case of burns or an open wound, the hand administering Reiki can be held just above the body. The light touch used in Reiki treatment does not manipulate the body in any way, and traditionally, no substances or oils are used on the skin. Reiki is non-invasive, non-obstructive, and safe to combine with any medical intervention. The protocol for treatment is very flexible, allowing Reiki to be used simultaneously with arduous medical procedures such as radiation or chemotherapy.

I was trained and initiated in Usui Reiki as a Level II Practitioner by Reiki master, Julia Carrol in 1990 for the purpose of offering Reiki as a practitioner. I am delighted to refer people who would like to begin the study of Reiki for self-practice  to my longtime friend and collegue Reiki Master Pamela Miles.

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